INTECH GROUP renders services in the following sectors:

Equipment of Iron and Steel Industry and coke-chemical production:

  • Sintering machines
  • Blast furnaces
  • Converters
  • Continuous casting machines
  • Rolling mills
  • Granulation installations
  • Special rolling equipment
  • Coke furnace batteries
  • Gas holders

Ore-thermal ovens, lime kilns and heating ovens (continuous furnaces)

  • Lifting equipment (overhead leveling cranes, gantry cranes, consol cranes, portal cranes, ore-handling bridges, jib cranes)
  • Crushing, grinding and screening equipment (conical, hammer and roller breakers; globe and rod mills; screens)
  • Compressor equipment and pumps (reciprocating and rotary compressors; turbo-blowers; centrifugal-type and reciprocating-type pumps)
  • Ventilation equipment (ventilation systems, fume exhausts, blowers, injectors, air blasts)
  • Pipelines (water pipelines, steam pipelines, air pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, sewer networks, isolation valves)
  • Conveyors (roller, scraper, truck ones)
  • Hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Metal structures of any complexity

We guarantee efficiency, reliability and high quality of works thanks to integral understanding of the industry needs and rich experience.

Being a traditionally reliable partner, we are able to implement tasks not only in the industry but outside as well, thanks to essential understanding of the engineering and design works.

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